Ftp Upload file?

Hi all,

I need to work on my local machine, and when I have tested, I want to upload it. I can`t code directly on server files, so is it possible to have a fonctionnality to save and upload a file directly on a ftp like dreamweaver ? (Ctrl+S : local save / Ctrl+Shif+U : local save AND remote save).

(sync is really hard)

It’s the only one thing that stop me to buy Komodo.

Thank you.

(ps: sorry about my english)

You can try publishing feature in IDE trial.

Yes I saw it but it’s really hard to use :

  • I can’t creat a folder localy and upload it (i have, each time, to re synchronise my project)
  • I can’t upload a file who doesn’t existe remotly or i have an error message :
    “ERROR: ko.services.rConnect is undefined in line 59 in chrome://xtk2/content/xtk2-servers.js.”
  • I can’t download a file or a folder from the ftp in my local path project.

Komodo could be really a good alternative to Dreamwaver if he have a similar gestion of the ftp, very easy and simple to use.

Is it something planned for the further version ?
If so, i buy Komodo immediately.

I’m not sure what add-on or macro your using (as that xtk2 code is not a part of default Komodo).

Komodo IDE does include Publishing features, allowing synchronization of complete folders and automatic file push on file saving…