Add Feature to select server from dropdown

When Working on hundreds of sites, it’s a pain to go to open remote folder each time to open a remote folder.

In the Places sidebar, a dropdown menu to select which FTP server you are working on would be very helpful.

Should be included feature for $100 since Aptana Studio is free and it has this feature.

Thanks for the suggestions, could you please file it on our bug tracker?

“Should be included” is subjective, not everyone has this need. I definitely agree it would be very nice to have something along the lines of what you described, but keep in mind that different people want different things.

I already submitted it to the Issues section. I did not receive any notifications of any replies. I was told to post it here to by the support team.

I know hundreds of others want this feature because I have read it in many other forums. I am glad that you agree it would be a nice feature.

Also, I have no clue what kind of person’s workflow allows them to click hundred buttons (open remote folder) to work on a folder, when that can be done with a simple dropdown. I understand one shoe doesn’t fit all, but that area is whitespace and wouldn’t affect the other’s who like doing it with hundred something clicks. Might want to add the CLI in as well for them, that might even be easier.

Hey @mjbrancato,

I also suggested using projects which remove the “100s” of necessary clicks. You would simply need to open the project and your remote folder would be there. Now you’re down to a double click,

But I agree it’s a cool feature request.

  • Carey

PS. Thanks for posting these questions/comments even though it sounds like you are moving on to a different editor.

It’s not exactly 100, I just mean it’s a lot. Open remote folder takes time when switching between projects, it just makes it to slow for me to use.

I am open to new ideas and new IDE’s. Right now I can’t find a good one. Dreamweaver is a lost cause, Coda 2 is great for Mac, but lacks features like caching, Aptana Studio freezes up and hangs, Eclipse FTP is a joke, Brackets IO doesn’t have native FTP support that is functional without a plugin and that plugin is buggy, Komodo I was sold on so I bought it until I realized you can’t drag and drop files into the FTP upload section and the problem with no dropdown. I went through dozens of other IDE’s and they all aren’t that great. I am on Linux now since Windows is unusable and Mac OS X kicked dev people out (stripped UI and dumbed down, less features).

I would love to use Komodo and I still want to, it’s just write now because of those features it makes it impossible for me to do my work. For example, I download a plugin that needs to be uploaded, in Aptana Studio I drag and drop and few seconds later it’s on the server. Or for switching between sites I just click the down arrow and select my site, just like Dreamweaver. When your mind is loaded with changes and stuff that needs to be done to dozens of sites, it makes it really difficult to mess around with navigating a UI when it can be simplified.

Komodo is crisp, smooth, and stable. When I do something it tends to work.

I feel like I’ve already addressed your concerns in this thread and Can't Upload Files

When you use projects and add a remote folder to that project you now have the

in the projects pane (below Places).

If you use Publishing, the plugin will be uploaded when you “sync” your project.

The drop down idea is a good one but that will have to wait.

  • Carey

I have to create a project for each of the 130 sites? That seems very tedious. And then open each one up separately?

I understand that there are work arounds to each of these, but it just doesn’t seem native and smooth. Again syncing is bad especially when some sites are over 20GB big. Sounds like a bunch of conflicts.

I understand that not everyone’s workflow is the same as mine. And I understand that I have to wait for these features. So in that case, I will wait to use this program since it’s a setback for my work.

I think if you’re working with 130 sites even a dropdown would be tedious :stuck_out_tongue:

You may wanna check out Commando. It doesn’t support sites atm but you could fairly easily create your own Commando scope that lets you easily “connect” to one of your servers just by typing their name.

Dreamweaver has a dropdown and that seemed to work just fine for myself and several other of my team members. Not to mention you can type the name of the server in there. So that’s actually really convenient.

Aptana Studio has a nice implementation. They have all the servers listed on the side menu, with an arrow to expand into a tree view.

I don’t know, maybe I am a traditional user? I can’t possible understand how people do things these days like this. Seems extremely inefficient to me.

I’m working on a new scope for Commando. With this scope you will able to navigate between your ftp accounts just in Commando, including searching by name feature.

Nice, I think this will be very handy!

Komodo is flexible enough to have extensions so this sounds like a good idea for one.

Where the user would select ‘Add new entry’ from an extension menu enter in a name for the site, configure the FTP settings and default folders then it would save the settings in a preferences file.

The user would then select from the extension menu ‘Open up site folder’ and it would load a list of sites from the preferences file into a popup window, user selects one then it would login, populate the folders list with the files from the remote ftp. Upon completion it would sync the remote with the local.

Does that sum up your idea/suggestion?