Can't run files in komodo Edit

I am seeing the same issue with Komodo Edit 12. The files have all the permissions. I am able to execute as well the same files from terminal outside of Komodo Edit 12.

Could you please suggest what could be the issue here?

@mallikarjunkoguri if your files have the correct permissions then it’s not the same issue. The issue here is that the files are created without proper permissions. I’m going to split this into a new thread.


Please provide more information about the issue and update the thread title to reflect the actual issue you’re hitting. Helpful info:

  • What steps are you following to reproduce the issue?
  • What do you expect to happen?
  • What actually happens?
  • Any errors Komodo shows you
  • Logs from Help > troubleshooting > View Log File

I’d also recommend trying Komodo 12 IDE as it’s free now.