Big Sur not Currently Supported (Workaround Available)

Big Sur not Currently Supported

Unfortunately, it looks like the latest release of OSX 11 (Big Sur) has made breaking changes in relation to how the version of Mozilla Komodo is using works with the OSX SDK. We’re currently investigating the scope of this problem. At this time we advise that Komodo users remain on OSX 10.x.

There is a workaround here: Komodo and Big Sur (DO NOT UPGRADE)

  • ActiveState

I am not a user of Komodo IDE, but I use Komodo Edit.

Komodo Edit 12.1 does not work on Big Sur, but 11.1 does work. I switched to that for now, until you guys resolve the issue with version 12.



Hi @Sandip_Shah,

You’ll likely hit the issue when Komodo Edit tries to open a dialog, eg. closing Komodo when a file has unsaved changes.

In my testing, Komodo Edit does not work. This is breakage in the older version of Mozilla we use which is common across all releases of Komodo all the way back to Komodo 8, Edit or IDE.

  • Carey

Yep, it did.

And now 11.1 also will not load.



Hi @Sandip_Shah, a user discovered a workaround here Komodo and Big Sur (DO NOT UPGRADE) FYI.