9.3 search interdace

I see that in 9.3 the search interface was radically changed. Either I’m missing some obvious things, using it wrong, or it’s horribly buggy. I’m posting here in hopes that I don’t have to file numerous bug reports.

  1. search sometimes fails: Even if I can see the search string in the file window, it claims it can’t find that string.
  2. replace is the same as search: Edit -> Replace… brings up the same thing as Edit->Find…
  3. no way to dismiss the search interface: Once I’ve attempted a search, there seems to be no way to get rid of the search interface except to re-start komodo.
  1. nothing about the actual search itself was changed, please report a bug if you are able to reproduce this.

  2. same as above, please report a bug if you can reproduce this

  3. pressing ESC gets rid of the search interface. Note that this behaviour only occurs if you checked Prefs > Find > Pin the Find Frame

@Loren Make sure you don’t have regex enabled. I’ve done that before.

  • Carey

It’s working at the moment, so the bugs are intermittent.

Hi Loren,

I think if there was a bug that a lot more people would be reporting this issue. I’d make sure the settings in the Find Dialog are correct.

Fields to check:

  • Case sensitivity (ignore, match case, match case when there is a capital)
  • Where (You might not be actually searching the thing you think)
  • Regex
  • Excludes

That’s just a couple things to check before filing a bug. If you determine those aren’t the issue then, as Nathan said, please do file a bug.

Thanks @Loren,

  • Carey

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I’ve had the same problem. It is also intermittent. I can’t reproduce it, but it does happen when I have many windows (each with a few tabs) open.

I wonder if this is related to another issues regarding multiple windows that has been fixed in 9.3.1. Can both of you make sure you’re using Komodo 9.3.1 and see if the issue continues?

You can auto-update using Help > Check for Updates.

  • Carey

Not seeing issues at the moment, though currently I have just one window and no tabs on it (I had many windows and tabs before, when I was having problems, but lost them all, probably because, as part of my attempts to workaround things, I deleted ~/.komodoedit).

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