Zoom function

Hello all,

I recently downloaded Komodo to use python but I ran into a little issue. As I was messing with the preferences I ended up cleaning my keyboard and mistakenly zoomed my edit all the way out. I’m using a windows 10 laptop and can’t restore the zoom. The normal ctrl + “plus” doesn’t seem to be working and none of the key binds I find online seem to be working. All other suggestions are with the mouse which I could get but I’d rather not . Does anyone know of a solution?

For me ctrl + 0 resets the zoom level to it’s default zoom.

If none of the keybindings are working for you make sure you’re using the default keybindings scheme under Preferences > Keybindings.

If it’s already set to default, do you perhaps have an application running that overrides application or OS key bindings?

Ctrl + +, Ctrl + - and Ctrl + 0 all work fine for me (and looks like it works for @babobski).

  • Carey