Zombie macro

So this is what happened to me today: I created a macro in Komodo Edit 9.0.1 and attached it to the “Before file save” trigger.

After I contently observed the alert box (“hello world before file save!”) popping up as I hit ctrl S a couple of times, I decided it was time to go back to work and deleted the macro from the toolbox pane.

The macro is now gone from the toolbox. The file is also gone from the macro folder. But the alert box keeps popping up…

Is there a cache that needs to be cleaned somewhere perhaps?

Try to restart Komodo after removing a macro.

Nope that didn’t help. I ended up deleting my entire profile directories (AppData\Roaming\ActiveState and AppData\Local\ActiveState). This works, but it is too draconian for most users no doubt.

Hmm, I cannot reproduce it. Can you try to do the same steps in Komodo IDE 9?

You definitely did not need to delete either one of those folders. Here’s an FAQ to help you understand what’s actually stored in your profile folder. The tools folder is the one you’re looking for. You could confirm it got deleted.

Posting the macro might help but I don’t see how it could persist after a restart.

Another alternative might be that you saved it to your project toolbox and not you’re global toolbox.

If you can reproduce this please do let us know the reproduction steps. I can’t reproduce the issue either.

  • Carey