Xemmet - not showing in komodo

Before, I was able to install emmet in komodo.

Now, with komodo x ide, I installed package “xemmet”.

But how can I add a keybinding for xemmet ?

In preferences keybindings, if I search for emmet/xemmet in “commands”, nothing is listed.

Hi, Xemmet author here. You can’t change keybindings in Xemmet as of now, that’s only implemented in Emmet.

Xemmet does not have all the functions that Emmet have, I implement only what I need, so here you go:

Tab - Expand Abbreviation
Ctrl+Tab - Wrap selection/current line with an abbreviation

P.S.: how did you manage to install Xemmet for Komodo X? FYI I’ve dropped support for it in 0.12.


How “ctrl-tab” works ?
If I select text, how can I then enter the abbreviation text and press ctrl-tab ?
Also, in komodo, ctrl-tab changes the current opened tab.

I have komodo 11, but when we search the packages, we see “xemmet for komodo x”.

You select text (you don’t have to do that though, you can press Ctrl+Tab without a selection and it will wrap the current line), then press Ctrl+Tab, write your abbreviation and press Tab to expand it.

I forgot to update the description of the add-on. Thanks for notifying me about that.

but it’s impossible to do “ctrl-tab” with komodo, since “ctrl-tab” changes the current opened tab…

Xemmet should prevent doing that. It does for me, but I guess not for you? Could you please provide some reproduction steps? What’s the type of file you’re wrapping a line in?

oh I see !! We must be inside a compatible document.

And, when we do “ctrl-tab”, the selection disappears. But then, we do a standard abbreviation, tab, then the content is placed inside.

However, the content does not go inside correctly. For example :

I select ```

Hello world

`, then ctrl-tab. Then enter this abbreviation : .wrapper>h1{Title}+.content

Then hit tab, and output is :

<div class="wrapper">
        <p>Hello World</p>Title</h1>
    <div class="content">[[replace]]</div>

Also, expanding the “ta” abbreviation outputs this :
text-align: table-layout: ;

Instead of :
text-align: left;

(just a reminder…)

Xemmet should prevent ctrl+tab switch actually. I’ll look into these issues later.

The ctrl-tab works fine. See my last post. Thanks

You can either place {@} somewhere (e.g. .wrapper>h1{Hello}+.content{@}+.footer{Copyright}) or Xemmet will insert the selection at the end of the abbreviation (.wrapper>h1{Hello}+.content{@} is equal to .wrapper>h1{Hello}+.content)

It’s not working with the @ too :

<p>Hello world</p>

, then ctrl-tab (text disappears, that’s ok).

Then :


Then press tab, and I get this :

<div class="wrapper">
        <p>Hello world</p>Hello</h1>
    <div class="content">[[replace]]@</div>
    <div class="footer">[[replace]]Copyright</div>

And the “replace” are not auto-tabstops.

Have you updated Xemmet?

I uninstalled and reinstalled xemmet using commando, same issue.

Did you restart Komodo after that?

Great! I works after restarting komodo.