Xemmet expand not working right

When expanding a tag (with tab key), like “a” or “form”, the text inserted in href is also inserted into the tag :

<a href="inserts here">inserts here too</a>

<form action="inserts here">inserts here too</form>

I should be able to insert first in href or action, then tab to go into the tag to insert tag value.

Also, after adding the href/action value, if I hit tab, it expands a html tag :

<a href="<addedtext></addedtext>">blablabla</a>
<form action="<addedtext></addedtext>">blablabla</form>

This makes xemmet almost unusable.

Emmet is essential to any web programmer. What can I do apart from reverting back to Komodo 10 ?


I’ll look into your issues in a free time :slight_smile:

Thanks, also when you have item : similar issues, like here in a php file : [ 'blabla' ] , hitting tab after blabla, getting this [ 'blabla' ] [ '<blabla></blabla>' ]