Xemmet and abbreviation still not working correctly

I know that Xemmet is external to Komodo and that I’ve asked this before.

I think that Emmett is essential to any web developer, so I’m surprised I do not find more posts about that on Komodo forums.

Maybe other Komodo users don’t use Xemmet for their Emmet implementation ?
How do they implement their working Emmet functionality ?
Or do they use Xemmet but found a way to fix the Xemmet bugs ?

One of those bugs :

“a”, then “tab”, then starting to type, that “tab” to go out of “href” :

<a href="<typingthentab></typingthentab>">typingthentab</a>

And many other bugs.
Also Xemmet was last updated 31 weeks ago, so I’d suggest not recommend this add-on.

Is there plan to make a Komodo Emmet that WORKS ?
It was working well in Komodo 10 !

We should not count on @Defman, last time he said “I’ve got a full time job so I don’t have any time to fix the issue.”.

In my opinion, Emmett should BE part of Komodo, as it was in Komodo 10.

I’m now on Komodo IDE 11.1.0, build 91033

You can still install Emmet (not Xemmet) in Komodo 11, just bypass the version warning. I’ve created Xemmet to use both Komodo’s SDK API and Emmet core.

Emmet was never a part of Komodo, though.

I see ! But where do I download Emmet ?


There’s a link for Komodo. I see Xemmet… No regular Emmet

Thanks, it works !!!

And I can use both xemmet and emmet :slight_smile:

Hello @Defman , but do you have a clue why this below is happening with xemmet ? :

Text getting written simultaneously in both tabspaces, for example :

Typing “a” then “tab” :

<a href="writtenhere">writtenheretoo</a>

I have no idea. That’s how Emmet core expands the a abbreviation I guess.

The bug is not there with Emmet, only Xemmet .

Emmet = emmet core ?

Both Xemmet and Emmet (add-ons) use emmet core (the JS lib that provides Emmet functionality). And as I said, I’m not sure why you’re having different expands in Xemmet and Emmet.