Wrap text with html tag?

Does anyone know how to wrap text with a html tag, after highlighting it?

Sure, turn on word wrap; menu View > Word wrap.

  • Carey

Ne didn’t mean that Carey. What he’s looking is a macro which will wrap the selected text with a tag.
@Omar_Gonzales_Diaz, you’re looking for this macro: http://komodoide.com/packages/macros/wrap-text/

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I think you are right. I’ll have to test it at my house. Let you know any news.

A other way to do this is use emmet and use the “Wrap with Abbreviation” command. The emmet version on komodo ide is currently outdated, but a working version for komodo 9.* you can find at @Defman place plugin and the xpi you can find at the releases.

Once installed you can use the “Wrap with Abbreviation” command, you can find here tools > Emmet > HTML > Wrap with Abbreviation (or you can set a hotkey for it)

Select it and hit the command

enter your emmet Abbreviation and press enter (or click ok) and your result will be:

If you want just a div or span, just type the ellement and hit enter