Wordwrap shortcut in Windows 10?

With Komodo Edit for Windows 7 and Mac OS X, I can use Control + Shift + 9 or Command + Shift + 9 to enable word wrapping for a document. But in Windows 10 there’s no shortcut with the latest releases. Can this be added?

@Yeti i’m working on windows 10, and still got the ctrl + shift + 9 shortcut.

Can you look at you’re preferences > keybindings to see if the shortcut is set?

In the latest version of Komodo, Quick Bookmarks occupy the Ctrl+[Shift+]+Number key shortcuts. You can restore the old behavior or create a new shortcut for wrapping via Edit > Preferences > Key Bindings, search for “wrap”, select “User Interface: Word-wrap long lines”, and assign a shortcut.