Word autocompletion not working

From reading it was my understanding that ctrl-space would give a word autocomplete list from words already in the same document. I really miss this (really really miss it automatically happening like in some other editors) and it would make my coding so much faster as we use fairly long variable names. Am I missing a setting or something else?

If I understand you right you’re looking for Ctrl+J keybinding.

That doesn’t do anything in my program. I typed in part of a variable name and control-J as well as command-J and nothing happens.

What is the programming language you’re working with? Can you give us a simple code to reproduce the issue? Do you see anything in the log? (Help - Troubleshooting - View log file)

It’s probably still scanning your code. Is there, or was there a throbber symbol in the bottom right hand corner when this is/was happening?

  • Carey

No throbber, no indication that anything is happening, waiting for a while and nothing happens. I’m using CFML but I don’t care about tag/code completion in this regard, I just want any word completion. IF the word exists in the file then I want to have it completed. Much like using the tab key at a bash command prompt.

Ohhhhhh, @Defman and I assumed you meant code intel. Open your prefs to enable that. Preferences > Editor > Smart Editing: Use Tab character to complete… That will accomplish what you want. I use this constantly.

  • Carey

Boom!! Thanks!! So much better… wish it was more automatic, I think Notepad++ was what I was using on my PC that did it more automatically (drop down list or something similar right away after a character or two) but this works!

People have asked for that actually. We haven’t gotten around to implementing it.

It shouldn’t be that hard to do if you or someone else was interested in trying to make that happen but we have a pretty full plate on the dev side. We would obviously help you how ever we could. I think @Defman has plaid with the code intel suggestion list quite a bit which might be a place to start.

Any way, enjoy!

  • Carey

Yeah, I saw those requests as well, would be nice. It’s not that important, heck I may like the tab better to not distract (the drop down has done that in some cases). Really getting to love Komodo, thanks!

I have some experience in generating native Scintilla popups through JS (aka CodeIntel suggestion list) but I don’t know how that could help in creating word autocompletion. The only one way I see right now is fetching the content of current file and splitting it by space symbol to get an array of available words. But this is not a good idea because if the file will be big - then Komodo could start lagging a lot. I will do some tests with that on this week. If I’ll find a good solution - I’ll post it here or create new topic with my ideas and implementations if they will be.

Found one issue. When you combine the tab function with auto-close quotes and such, there is confusion. I guess I can just turn off the “go outside the closed element when you hit tab” so that the auto-complete works. Just a note that both on at the same time doesn’t work properly since the tab key is otherwise assigned then.

Thanks @Scott_Berry, if somethings not quite working right for you please file an issue for it: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/new as there isn’t an easy way to work around that at the moment.

Thanks for the feedback.

  • Carey

PS. I agree that a popup list would actually just be distracting :wink: