Windows cmd in command output window problem

I am using a saved tool to open the windows command processor in an IDE session. Worked great, then it just stopped sending output (stdout).
My code produces output in another command window outside of Komodo, just not inside. Any Ideas?
Running Windows 10, Strawberry perl strawberry-perl-

// komodo tool: cmd-wgorman
// ========================
// cwd: C:\Users\pgodfrin\Documents\perl\wgorman
// doNotOpenOutputWindow: 0
// insertOutput: 0
// is_clean: true
// operateOnSelection: 0
// parseOutput: 0
// runIn: command-output-window
// showParsedOutputList: 0
// type: command
// version: 1.1.6
// ========================

Clearly code related. Too confusing with all the noise around, so I cut down the code.
Does not seem like a Komodo issue, never mind (sorry…).
the POSIX::_exit() call seems to mess with the output. New one on me…

Sigh, rtfm:
This is identical to the C function _exit() . It exits the program immediately which means among other things buffered I/O is not flushed.

Thanks for the follow up, and I’m glad you figured it out :slight_smile: