Window not opening but Komodo IDE is running

When I try and open Komodo 12 IDE, the program is running but nothing displays. Has anyone had this problem?

Windows 10 Pro
HP Z440 Workstation

Morning @mw12,

Check Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and make sure that between each restart the Komodo process actually stops.

If it’s not stopped, this sometimes means Code Intel wasn’t shutdown properly and the Komodo process is waiting for it to send the “I’m closed signal” that never somes.

You can look through Task Manager for any Python processes, right click on them, select Properties and see if their location path is in the Komodo install directory. If they are you can right click the process and End Task. There could be more than one. Check all the Python process locations and end any that are from Komodo.

That should allow the Komodo process to stop finally. If not, just end task on it as well.

You could also just restart your computer.

  • Carey