Window list?

iTerm2, has a Window menu, that among other things, lists windows. Typically, I’ll have a window for each host I’m working on, in terms of Komodo that’s a project, and I run each fullscreen.

I can’t find anything analogous to help my cycle through my Komodo windows which are usually stacked right on top of each other.

This doesn’t currently exist for Komodo. You’re likely aware of this but you can cycle through windows using ```Cmd + ```` as an alternative but it’s not a list of open windows unfortunately.

  • Carey

@careyh I think you’re messing up IOS with Windows, for Windows it would be Alt + tab, or you yould use win + tab.

@babobski iTerm2 is a OSX program I’m fairly certain so I’m assuming @Scorp1us is on OSX not Windows. Also I’ve only ever seen the Window menu on OSX, not Windows.

`Cmd + `` has no equivalent on Windows (I wish it did). It’s for switching between a single applications windows.

Cmd + Tab is kind of like Win + Tab or Alt + Tab except it’s cycle through currently open applications, whereas on Windows it cycles through every window for all applications.

  • Carey

@Scorp1us because I think it is a good addition for Komodo, I created a widget that does just this.
You can find it here, can yo give it a try and tell what you think.

@careyh a bit late, but you’re completely right. Was a bit confused by all the windows.