Will Komodo IDE X be fully supported?

Hi all!

I’m not sure if I really should by Komodo IDE again.
Last time, it was beta testing. A lot of stuff didn’t work, the user base did the QA and stuff silently broke, was not migrated properly, or was simply removed from Komodo IDE to be able to tell me that it’s not unsupported. And if I needed support, I didn’t get it. I even had to re-install all of my dev environment from scratch, removing absolutely everything of ActiveState to get a working environment again.
And if I buy an editor for money, I don’t really want to add a dedicated support contract (given the past support experience).

So, a question for those who bought Komodo IDE:
Is it stable?
Do you feel like beta testers?
D you get support?
Is the software worth the money?

You can just try the trial.

Unfortunately, it’s not the case that the issues were immediately visible after installation. That’s why I added some more detail to the initial post. It more like hidden defects. Thus, the hint to the trial does not answer the questions.

That has never been the case, we always fully support our products. Where did you ask for support that you did not receive any? Note that 24hr email support is reserved for users that bought the upgrades & support package. But the devs are very active on the forums so while you will not be “guaranteed” to receive support here I don’t believe many users (if any) leave here without having received a response.

I’ve modified the title of your post as it is missleading and untrue, I understand this was your impression but you were stating it as a fact.

I’m sorry, the title does not match my post. Komodo 9.x really felt like beta testing. I agree that it doesn’t sound good.

I rechecked my issues and you got a point. There was responses and even partial results. The time and efforts spent into reporting issues feel too high. It feels like reporting to any other open source project. If the DEVs like to, things get fixed. Other issues might be moved to File 13 (Abyss issue for example - don’t bother, I know it’s not your problem anymore).

It’s the feeling that makes me ask. Given the above answers, the feeling improves only a little bit.

Capfan I agree with you.

Nathan, sometimes your customers say things which you don’t like to hear. When you start tweaking posts based on fact or opinion, you are missing the point completely. Your customer’s opinion or impression is key to improving customer satisfaction and your product.

I have been using Komodo since v1.0. I have been an evangelist for a long time. But Komodo 9 was a great disappointment. I want the product to kick ass, but no matter how pretty it is and how many great features it has - if it keeps hanging or crashing it’s of no use.

K9.0 was not stable for me. I did not pay for the extra support so maybe my experience may have been better with 9.0

I have tried the trial Komodo X for about a day now and I’m not impressed. It’s sluggish. For instance “import pandas as pd” takes about 10 seconds in the IDE. Which runs instantaneously on the command line debugger.

I dowloaded the trial because your google ad gave the impression that working with Django was was a reason to buy it. "Award Winning Multi-platform IDE for Django Programming. Try Now" I’m still trying to figure out what exactly the IDE does with Django

Replacing Loyal customers like myself is hard.

The only reason I ever tweak any post is if it was portraying false information or was inflamatory. That does not mean I am deaf to what is being said, but moderation of posts is about making a hospitable environment, not censoring users.

I’m confused what you mean by this, you mean running this through the debugger is slower? That will always be the case when you debug something, because when running the debugger the code is essentially interpreted twice.

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