Will ActiveState Open-source Komodo IDE Community?

I contacted ActiveState with this question yesterday.

Does ActiveState have any plans/considerations to open-source the community version of Komodo IDE in the future?

And got this response.

Hi [terminalroot],

You should probably post this on the Komodo Forums as a Discussion topic.

Unofficially, there are internal conversations happening regarding how to wind down Komodo IDE. They should be completed this year. Sometimes we have OpenSourced products that we no longer will distribute. Komodo IDE is atypical in that we already know it is not possible to rebuild it, and it hasn’t been possible for at least five years. We may determine that it is not in anyone’s interest to release any code beyond what was open-sourced for the Open Komodo/ Komodo Edit project.

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Thank you for getting back to me with a substantive answer ActiveState!

I believe it would not hurt to ultimately open-source the code for Komodo IDE. I think it can only inspire new creations or the community to maintain the functionality beyond Komodo Edit. At worst, nothing would become of it. In my opinion, the more open-source code, the better.

What do you all think? Would you like Komodo IDE open-sourced as ActiveState’s is “winding-down” process?

Also, out of curiosity, why is it impossible to rebuild?