Where to place language-specific abbreviations?

I’m trying to figure out where to place language-specific abbreviations, and bumped into something that doesn’t make sense to me…

I have a Komodo-language extension for CFML, and I’d like to develop a set of abbreviations specific to that language for functions and common language structures. From reading the Komodo help, I would have expected to be able to place the these abbreviations in a “CFML” folder under “Abbreviations” within any of several locations in the Toolbox panel and have them work:

  1. Under “Samples” (which the help topic “Adding New Abbreviations” says should work, although @nathanr advised not to place stuff there in responding to an issue on Github).
  2. Under my own toolbox folder
  3. Within a project toolbox

In all three cases, Komodo fails to find them. In each of the three cases, if I place the abbreviation in the/a “General” folder rather than in a folder named “CFML”, Komodo does find them when I try to expand them with cmd-T.

It seems like the approach of placing these abbreviations in a folder named “CFML” should work, as that is the language name that the extension registers, and would be best as these are in fact specific to that language and there could be overlap between abbreviations for that language and others.

Should this work? Or am I reading too much into the description of abbreviations in the help topics on abbreviations?


@nathanr: I know this is bad form, but I’m going to follow up this up myself, with a “never mind”. I think I figured this out. It looks like this is related to a problem with how my CFML extension keeps track of languages/sublanguages within the tokenizing in the syntax highlighting part of the extension. I think I’m good on the mechanics of making this work.

You may want want to address what feels like an inconsistency in the guidance in the abbreviations help RE placing stuff in the “Samples” toolbox vs the guidance on the one related issue on (Github).

Other than that, I’m OK if you want to remove this topic to avoid noise here.


Thanks for following up Ron, glad you got it sorted.

For anyone landing here trying to figure out where to put abbreviations in their toolbox, either of the following should work to the best of my knowledge:

Abbreviations\HTML ProjectFolder\Abbreviations\HTML

Putting it in the Samples folder would also work, but really that folder should not be edited or event maintained, its a sample folder.