Where is the file menu? Where are any of the menus?

I’m using Komodo 10. I’m an experienced Komodo user – I’ve used it as my primary text editor, day in, day out, for several years. And yet the UI of Komodo 10 is such a mystery to me. I often am unable to do the simplest of things, like find “Save All”. Or find any menus at all. Where are they? Is there a “File” menu? Is there a “View” menu?

I’m making a genuine effort to find these things. Is it at all concerning to developers of the Komodo software that an experienced user can’t locate very basic things in the GUI?

My OS is Ubuntu.

The menu is collapsed into the burger menu at the top right of your screen. You can get the old menu back either temporarily by pressing ALT or permanently by right clicking the toolbar and hitting “Show Menubar”.

Keep in mind Ubuntu uses a very particular menu mechanic that software needs to explicitly support for it to work. Komodo is a cross platform IDE and currently we do not offer this additional support Unity requires for the menubar mechanic.

There is no burger menu.

Pressing ALT doesn’t do anything.

Right clicking the toolbar? What’s the toolbar? I don’t see one.

That doesn’t sound right, could you share a screenshot of Komodo running on your system please?

@arnoldbird, it looks like a bad profile upgrade to me.

You should try resetting your profile:

  • shut down Komodo

  • find and rename your ~/.komodoide folder

  • start Komodo

  • Carey

Thanks. That seems to have done the trick.

This also fixed a problem I had been having where the function tips were popping up in the way of my typing on the screen. The box displaying the function tip would block the characters I was typing. It’s a known issue. Fixed with this reset of .komodoedit