When will Komodo support CSS3 syntax checking?

I just wasted a bunch of time chasing down CSS “errors” that are valid CSS3.

One example:

@keyframes progress-bar-stripes {
  from {
    background-position: 40px 0;
  to {
    background-position: 0 0;

I’m not totally familiar with all the new CSS3 stuff, and I’d like to be able to rely on Komodo to know that it at least parses properly.

Here are some related threads on the topic.

[snip censored]

And why in the world did you not migrate your users to this new system? I’ve been using Komodo for 10 years, yet I can’t post links because I’m “new”? Blech.

Go to “Edit/ Preferences/ Syntax Checking” and find “CSS” in the language list. If you disable “Komodo CSS checker” and leave “Mozilla CSS checker” alone your snippet validates just fine.

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I know it’s an old thread but I tried disabling Komodo CSS checker and only leave Mozilla on but I still get error or warning signal when everything is fine.

For exemple,

background:linear-gradient(left, red, blue);

I will get a warning saying that expected a color but found left. I’m new to css3 too and would also like to rely a bit more on komodo at first to help me.

Also, is there a way to have the suggestions box for css3? there are a couple of function missing I think like the linear-background for instance.