When saving a workspace only the files are saved and nothing else

Whenever I save a workspace then try to open it the correct files are opened but nothing else about the workspace changes like the panel positioning or window sizing. After reading this article (http://komodoide.com/blog/using-custom-workspaces-with-komodo-9-1/) I was led to believe that these other things would be saved also.

What version of Komodo are you running (Edit/IDE, build number)?

Komodo Edit, version 9.1.0, build 15798.

It sounds like you are using the workspace macro. Komodo edit does not have workspace management built-in. We had workspace management in 9.0 but this would only restore files and is equivalent to the macro, so we decided to remove it in favour of the macro for 9.1.

I was afraid that was the case. Thanks for the link I can now see how this macro works. I noticed that getAllViews() retrieves all the open files, is there a similar function that can retrieve the sidebar state so that the ‘place’ sidebar can be saved also.

Not with one simple call, you’d have to dig deeper. I’d recommend installing the Komodo Developer Extension and using the Javascript shell to play around with API’s. For example you can type ko.places. and press TAB twice to see what properties live there.

Awesome I’ll do that. Thanks so much for your help.