When Komodo Edit 9 will be released?


When Komodo Edit 9 will be released?

I use KE 8.5.4, build 14370 and wait for Komodo Edit next version.

We do not have a date set for Komodo 9, we do have certain internal targets but we prefer not to make those public unless we know for a fact that we’ll meet them. That said we are planning to have a community preview type of deal for Komodo 9, so you can basically use Komodo 9 whilst it is in development (and thus it won’t be stable nor feature-complete).

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Where I can download windows installer Komodo Edit 9 ?
Or such doesn’t exist yet? It is necessary to compile only most?

Preview releases for Komodo 9 are only available for Komodo IDE, not Komodo Edit. These IDE preview releases can be used for free (on an testing/trial basis):

Will Komodo Edit 9 follow shortly after the release of IDE 9 ? I really like some of the features in the pre-release 9.x I’ve testing, but I don’t think I can afford it.

Both will be released at the same time.