When does the new Platform licensing kick in?

I have installed Komodo IDE 11.1.1 but it appears I am under the “free-trial version.” Where within Komodo do I activate the new licensing model? “Help | About Komodo” does not show any license information.

When you start Komodo 11.1.1 for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your username and password for the ActiveState Platform. The only information sent to the ActiveState Platform is your username and password. No code or personal information is transferred. Once your account is authenticated an API token is used to verify your access to the Platform, without prompting you, each time you start Komodo.

I haven’t seen any request by Komodo for my ActiveState Platform login information.

@dactex, are you sure you didn’t install Komodo Edit by accident?

The login screen appears when you start Komodo IDE. It will block the UI so I don’t think you could have missed it. What information is available in Help > About Komodo?

Help | About Komodo says:
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Komodo IDE, version 11.1.1, build 91089, platform win32-x86. Built on Wed Dec 12 11:57:06 2018.
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Should I expect to see any license information here (as before under the old license installer)?

Hey @dactex,

We’ve removed the concept of a license all together so no, you shouldn’t expect to see license info there. If you have an account that gives you access to Komodo on the ActiveState Platform then you authenticate through the dialog in Komodo (that should have appeared at start up), Komodo records the fact that you authenticated then you continue on using Komodo.

If you had a license for Komodo 11 then you now have an account on the Platform with the correct permissions.

So to clarify, you never got a login dialog when you started Komodo?

  • Carey

Apparently, I must have at some point. I have been removing the Komodo folder and reinstalling so many times while trying to find a way to overcome the Uninstall bluescreen, I’ve probably received and responded to the prompt on both machines by now. On one workstation I know I got the prompt, the other I was not sure about.