What Unit Testing framework do you use?

We’re working on unit testing improvements in Komodo and I am particularly interested in what frameworks Komodo could support. I’ve done a ton of research into the subject, but would love to hear from our users to see if I missed anything.

So, what unit testing framework do you use?

RSpec :heart: :diamonds:

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In Perl, the plain ol’ TAP thing (prove)
In Python, PyTest (http://pytest.org)

Codeception for PHP.
Jasmine or Mocha for JavaScript.

PHPUnit (on PHP, of course).
But I never managed to get it working inside Komodo. It looks like Komodo’s approach is still the one used in the pre-composer era, when everyone were using a single, system-wide installation of PHPUnit.
Nowadays, everyone runs PHPUnit from a local, project-wide installation, e.g. from vendor directory (unless differently specified in composer.json, for example I like to set “bin-dir”: “bin”, like many others)

Without going into too much detail; you will for sure be able to use PHPUnit in Komodo when we release the improvements.

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