What happened to Tools -> Sync?

I’m giving 8 another shot since I paid for it and I’m trying to see if Komodo has real code intelligence yet.

There’s no place in the UI to set up syncing. Also, before I installed 8, I tried to sync 7 and I got an error contacting the server. Did you guys get rid of that?


I sure it’s same for Komodo 8 (I use Komodo 9 beta): Tools - Set up Sync

That option is not in my tools menu. I reread that menu multiple times carefully. It’s not there.

But code intelligence is just as bad in 8 as in 7, so I just switched back to 7.

After ten years, I’m done with Komodo. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on it, and it’s just not a modern IDE anymore. I’ve been working more with OO lately, and Komodo does almost nothing to help me navigate and understand objects.


Before moving from Komodo IDE give a change for Komodo IDE 9 beta. All the Komodo devs are working hard on the new version. Also Sync was fixed and now it’s must works normally.
Also can you attach the screen how looks your “Tools” popup?

I figured folks wouldn’t believe me :slight_smile: Here’s the screenie:

I’ve been using Komodo for about 10 years. It was a dream initially. But each release introduces new annoyances (file associations bug, ugly UI changes) and removes stuff I use (TODO plugin, toolbox -> directory mapping). And it still doesn’t have real working code intelligence.

I will try 9 before I give up. But this is my profession, and I really need tools with the features I need (and I’m not a special case, just an average web developer :slight_smile:

Just install it manually.
Also check if Komodo Sync add-on enabled for you (Tools - Add-ons)

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Oh, man, I didn’t realize sync had to be enabled.

I’ll try to figure out how to ‘manually install’ TODO. Given it is a ‘staff pick’, I’d think ActiveState would take the time to port it to 8.

I have another question, but I’ll make a new post :smile:

Thank you for your time.


Just download this file and dran’n’drop it onto Komodo window. (Also compatibility:
IDE: 4.4.0 - 9.*
Edit: 4.4.0 - 9.*)

The page in the Add-ons is outdated. Checkout the Resources.

Staff picks are addons the staff thinks are good ones to install. They are not officially maintained by us. Though you may see some that were contributed by Komodo developers, for the most part these were developed out of their own initiative.

So it is not ActiveState that ports this to Komodo 8, it’s the individual developer.