What CSS3 keywords you want to see in Komodo auto-complete?

Here’s my list of CSS properties which I’ll add to Komodo (the syntax is very odd, I know it :stuck_out_tongue: ). Did I miss something? If I did - please write these properties as a reply to the topic.

Here’s the list that Mozilla maintains for CSS3 properties. It looks to me like you’re missing some.

Another point of note is that animation should probably have a list of arguments too (like animation-fill-mode) since you can write the long form (eg. animation: name; animation-delay: 1; etc.)or the short. eg. animation: name 1 3 1...etc.

Very cool @Defman. Thank you. Looking forward to the pull request!

  • Carey
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Thanks for the link Carey!
animation already have a list of arguments: https://github.com/Defman21/KomodoEdit/commit/838a4e5a51dbca044899219e32a5b7bc19f8f85a
I want to add auto-complete for animation-name property, like

@keyframes anim {
    0% {}
    100% {}

div {
    animation-name: | ; /* Should show anim*/

And a lot of another stuff, so I think I won’t send you a PR with my changes in next 1-2 weeks, a lot of things I want to improve!

I’m missing a bunch of context here then so I’m going to refrain from commenting further other than use the MDN link I shared if you want a thorough list of what you should include.

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Should I add properties like that? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/break-after
It’s not supported by any browser atm and I don’t see any reasons to include it to CSS3 properties for Komodo because these properties can confuse user, like “wow Komodo shows me that I can use this property but MDN says that it’s not even supported by any browser”

You also should add automaticly fetch rules from included css files in page. It helps auto-comlplete html code.

It’s something that I really want to see, but I don’t have enough skills to implement the feature right now. I’ll try to implement this before 9.3 will be released, but no promises.

Is there a feature request for that yet? Please file one on github if there is not. If there is, please link it here for @dimawebmaker to comment on.

  • Carey

There’s no such feature request. I’ll file it now.


Actually I am missing all the flexbox css properties for auto-complete.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong (I just start to use Komodo - but I like it a lot for web dev)

In the moment I have version:
Komodo Edit, version 9.2.1, build 15993, platform win32-x86

Hmm… I’ll look into adding these properties for the next release (9.2.2 or 9.2.3). But these properties should be available on MDN and properly documented. @nathanr will you guys accept my pull request for the 9.2.2 version? If yes - what is the date of the “deadline” for me? Like a date until you will accept my pull request.

Nice to hear that you will add it in a future release!

It seems the documentation for that on CSS Flexible Box Layout is quit complete.

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Thanks for the link :smiley:

No, but we’ll probably accept it for 9.3.

Point releases (eg. 9.2.x) only cover important bugs, we don’t introduce any new functionality in them unless it’s somehow crucial.

Yeah, okay. Thanks for the answer! Will do that on this weekend.