What causes "trg_from_pos" popups in Komodo v9?

Using Komodo v9, and periodically it starts showing small popups in the lower area of the editor panel with a message that says “trg_from_pos: Can’t get a trigger for position xx” (where “xx” is an integer value), and it will continue popping those up with increasing values. Those popups are blocking (i.e., other UI elements like typing and scrolling, etc.) don’t work. In large files, it can continue for long periods of time. Sometimes changing the cursor position will make them stop for a while, but they come back. I haven’t been able to put my finger on anything specific in terms of specific actions in the editor that seems to trigger them and they seem to be specific to v9.

Any idea what is causing them?


Thanks for response. It will be better if you file a bug on http://bugs.activestate.com
If you don’t want to see this popups - just press on Preferences icon in this popup and choose Do not shot this type of popups or something like this.
If you want to make this popups works again after hiding - you can simply select it in Preferences - Notifications (with Show Advanced checkbox enabled).

Note the bug where the notification popups block the UI has been fixed for the beta.

As for the actual notification; these were notifications that used to show in the statusbar, we’re still trying to clean house a little; ie. remove some of those messages that dont need to be communicated to the end-user in such a manner.

I believe this falls under the “Codeintel (Verbose)” category, which is disabled by default. You can check your notification categories under Prefs > Categories. If the “Codeintel (Verbose)” category is not listed there it means your build does not include this enhancement yet and all of these messages will fall under the “CodeIntel” category, you might want to consider this for now (the beta will fix this) but be sure to enable it again when you update.

@nathanr Thanks for the follow-up on this. I did check in the Preferences > Notifications settings and I have both “CodeIntel” and “CodeIntel (Verbose)” not checked. I am running the most recent nightly build (shown as 86543, dated 2014-11-29) and they definitely are still showing up and wreaking havoc with actually editing. Screenshot attached.

You can hide this errors by clicking on this button:

I’ll have a look at it and make sure its falling under the right category. As I said the “wreaking havoc” part should be fixed in the next nightly (which will probably be the beta).

@defman I have tried that, repeatedly, and it has no impact on them continuing to appear. After doing it several times, I just gave up and either suffer through it or drop back to my v8 install.

I’ll try and improve the way it detects duplicate notifications.

@nathanr Seems to be much better, both in terms of the blocking behavior and the ability to control whether these show up at all through the Preferences > Notifications settings, as of the most recent nightlies. (I’m running “Komodo IDE, version 9.0.0-beta1, build 86712, platform macosx” at this point.)

@nathanr These repeated notifications seem to be back again in the Komodo 9 rc1 builds. I currently have notifications turned off for “Auto Completions”, “CodeIntel”, “CodeIntel (Event)”, and “CodeIntel (Verbose)”. They are less intrusive in that they are not stealing focus from the editor itself, but they are visually distracting. Once they start, they just keep coming. If I open the “Notifications” panel, I see the following:

So, two questions RE the above screenshot:

  1. Which toggle in the Preferences > Notifications section will keep the notifications from appearing over my editor panel?
  2. How do I track down where these are coming from?

I also see large blobs of these “trg_from_pos” entries in the Notifications panel:

These also appear over my editor panel and are really distracting. Any idea what’s causing those, how to silence them, and whether this is expected behavior?

This is Komodo Edit, version 9.0.0-rc1, build 15614, platform macosx. Built on Tue Feb 24 09:00:18 2015, if that matters or helps.

They’re caused by a new notification category: “CodeIntel (Event)”. It is disabled by default but since you updated from a previous version where you most likely changed some of these settings you are no longer using the defaults. Simply disable that category in your prefs to get rid of them.

As I noted above, that is one of the notification categories I have already disabled.

I’m not sure if it matters within this context, but this is the first installation of Komodo Edit on this particular system (it has Komodo IDE 8.5.x and an old version of Komodo IDE 9 which I have not yet updated to the current release candidate builds).

That’s odd. You can see where notifications are triggered from (more or less) by executing this macro:

var logging = require("ko/logging");
var log = logging.getLogger("notify");

Once executed (you need to execute this on-startup) notify will log debug messages to your pystderr (in your profile folder). Amongst the debug messages is a message that prints a stack trace for the triggered notification.

If you find an annoying notification, please send me the stack trace (and any other contextual info you think is relevant) and I’ll see what I can do about it.

@nathanr Thanks. I will hack on this a bit after lunch today and see what it shows.

@nathanr I have a pystderr.log flie to share with you, from a brief run with that logging enabled at the debug level. How would you like me to get it to you?

You can post it right here or email it to me if you are concerned about sensitive information - nathanr -at- activestate -dot- com

Note that ideally you would track your log file as the notification occurs and then copy the relevant bit. WIth a full log file I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to narrow down the problem area.

@nathanr Sent via email.

Thanks Ron.

The problem is that you are receiving errors and warnings; those are not suppressed regardless of your preference because they are deemed to be important.

When I created this notification functionality the thought behind it was that these warnings and errors should not occur often and when it -would- occur they would occur with the notification UX in mind. Unfortunately there is a lot of legacy code that we need to hook into that was already sending errors and which is going to take longer to refactor (bring in line with the new notification UX).

As such I’ll be adding more control over what you can disable. You will be able to select the category as well as the “priority” that you want to disable.

This fine grained control will be removed once we get around to updating this legacy code to take the new notification UX into account.

Coming to a nightly near you soon.

Fix: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/commit/1396af945577a0e3e69a258a94719e66efdb1861

I couldnt find a bug report for this issue, Ron did you report it? (so I can close it)

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I didn’t file a bug for this, primarily because I wasn’t sure if this was a problem in some of the very early v9 pre-releases or a problem in my CFML language extension as I was trying to get it to work under v9.

I’m still unsure on that front, as I am yet to see these repeated notifications in anything other than in CFML files (at least, I can’t remember seeing them anywhere else). Having looked at the log file, do you have any indication as to whether the source of these is the editor vs the extension?