Welcome To The New Komodo Forums!

We really hope you like them! We’ve been eyeballing Discourse (which is the software these forums run on) for a while now and are happy to have finally made the move!

One thing you may be wondering if you frequented our old forums is "where are all our posts?", well we spent some time evaluating whether it was really worth importing all our old content and eventually decided not to because simply put the cons of doing so outweighed the pros, and we like the idea of a fresh start!

So the old forums are still accessible, but strictly for archiving purposes. From now on we’d encourage everyone to post here.

Well, we hope you like our new home and we hope to see you around!

Ah no way - the old forum was a mine of information!

Hopefully you’re going to keep them online in archive format anyway.

The software seems good; I hope the switch goes well for everyone :smile:

Of course, the old forums will remain online for archiving purposes.

REALLY liking the new forum!

It’s clean and neat and really functional.

I hope it fills up with new users and lots of interesting posts soon :slight_smile:

Don’t you really miss typing captchas again and again? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha ha, I thought the same thing!

I wasn’t going to do it but seeing how nostalgic you guys are I guess I’ll add in captcha’s again.

Try to make it a bit buggy as well, I just love getting mad :wink:

Well done on adding this section to the site:


That’s a killer move! :smiley:

Nice design! Very user-friendly :smiley:

When I first saw it, I was like - I must know what is it!! :smile: Thanks for telling.
Is it possible here to create categories inside categories though? Like sub-forums on usual forum engines. And does it have infinite nesting? I don’t see any breadcrumbs, that’s strange. :wink:

You want to create your own sub-category? Huh :smiley:
You can create topics (I don’t know can you create topic in discussions, I think you must get “Basic user” trust level), but in another categories you can create topics, rename, recategory, edit and remove it.
Also I don’t see any point to create sub-cats (not :cat2:, categories of course).

It does have sub-categories, but for the moment we don’t really need them yet, maybe in the future.