Weird KIDE behaviour

Hi all,

I’m new to Komodo IDE as I just migrated from macromedia dreamweaverMx suite.

I’m having some problems configuring and using KIDE and hope someone will shed some light and help me solve my problems.

First my set up:

  1. My development environment is windows 7 ultimate and a registered KIDE 8.5.
  2. I have some sites that that used to be dreamweaver MX(DWMX) and worked fine using FTP to upload files to my server.
  3. My web server/site is linux and hosted on hostmonster.

My problems: (actually not really problems)

  1. I like the idea of using SFTP or FTPS or SCP for uploading files to the server, these days using FTP is not a good idea. So I have KIDE working fine using FTP but it doesn’t work using any other secure method to upload files. It looks like KIDE is uploading (publishing) the file but the file never gets updated.

I can SCP from my linux workstations using “SCP user@domain:/absolutepathtofile/ .” so why is KIDE not working using SCP?

  1. Another weird thing. If I create a local file named info.php and publish it to the server using FTP it never gets there. If I rename the file to info1.php it uploads fine (gets published). So the name has something to do with this problem, anybody can confirm this? It uploads fine using DWMX… weird.


Try using SFTP (rather than SCP) to see if that makes a difference - as the underpinnings are slightly different.

As for the info.php file, I don’t see why that would cause a problem, unless your publishing excludes setting specifies that file.

Ok, before I post dumb things I did try SFTP and it didn’t work, I wonder what is happening here? I have a few ideas.

  1. There is a difference between SSH accounts which SCP use and FTP accounts. In my server when I create an FTP account I can’t SSH using the ftp credentials. I wonder which credentials are required for SFTP and FTPS?

As for the info.php file it appears that you’re right and something is blocking it from being published, is there a place I can check for filters/exclusions? I created a new empty site and komodo project for testing purposes and KIDE uploaded info.php successfully.


I cannot answer the SFTP credentials one - that’s up to your provider.

For info.php, in the Komodo publishing dialog, when you click edit, you’ll see the includes/excludes listed in the configuration settings dialog, along with the local and remote paths.

Ok I got the includes/excludes settings, the SCP, SFTP and FTPS still not working. After 10+ years of using dreamweaver It is a little bit confusing getting used to komodo but overall I like the tool, and the integration with other languages. It sure beats the ‘new’ dreamweaver in functions and price.

I’ll keep poking around and see what is happening with scp.


I finally got KIDE to work with SCP, after reading your last post I decided to look again at the absolute remote paths and analyze how KIDE use SCP… that did the trick.

Just for reference for future hostmonster customers.

  1. When you log into your hostmonster account using SSH/SCP the server will place you in the /home2/userid directory. This is NOT the root directory the root directory is ‘/’ so when you specify the directory for your site you have to use the /home2/userid/public_html/sitedir. KIDE SCP was using scp://domain/public_html/sitedir instead of scp://domain/home2/userid/public_html/sitedir

  2. If you use FTP to access your hostmonster account is a different story as the root directory will be /home2/userid and NOT ‘/’ so using public_html/sitedir as the remote directory is the correct setting.

Thanks for your help