Vim mode ;; fast switching in and out


Trevor uses Vim as much as he uses Komodo, and the Vim emulation inside Komodo seems to be much better than he last remembers it after having been away from Komodo for a little while.

The problem is Trevor would like to assign a keybinding that allows him to quickly “dive in and out” of Vim mode. He would like it to be an instantaneous thing, just as easy as opening or closing the tools pane or the python console.


Trevor seems to remember having done this in the previous version of KoIDE, but KoIDE 9 does not seem to support quick switching in and out of Vim mode.

Is there a way for Trevor to enable/disable Vi emulation mode without having to do general preferences :: keybindings :: enable Vi emulation checkbox?

Hi @dreftymac,

You could do this using a Userscript:

var keyMan = ko.keybindings.manager
if(keyMan.currentConfiguration == "Vi")
} else {

You can then assign a keybinding to that userscript to call it at will.

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