Verticalspacing support?

Is there a way to increase vertical space?
The font i using (Custom modification of Unispace) . but its vertical spacing is small so i want to increase in komodo to make lines not too close.

Go to Preferences - Fonts and Colors - Common Syntax and set size for bracebad to your value (I’m using 13).
In IDE9 this feature will be as custom option, not as bracebad height.
“We will most likely be increasing the line height by default in Komodo 9.” ->

Thanks a lot , This works!

Can you move your topic to “How to” or “Customization”? :smile: I think Discussions section is wrong place to speak about Komodo customization.

Done! moved to Howto so others knows how to do too.

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Works now. Thanks. Forgot to click OK.