Vertical scroll moves when I change tab


I’m using Komodo Edit 8.5.3 on windows 7 x64.

I’m writing a php file, its works fine until I open a new file, so I have 2 tabs, then, when I switch between tabs the scrolling position changes, sometimes to the middle or the end of the file, I need to search for the line where I was writing again and again.

The Word Wrap is on.

I tried changing these preferences

Editor > Automatically adjust the horizontal scrollbar width
Smart Editing > Wrap long lines by:

Thank you for your help

Edit: I recorded a video showing the problem:

Hi Stramin,

I’d trying installing Komodo 8.5.4 and if that doesn’t work then I recommend turning off Word Wrap.

Also try disabling Minimap if you have it enabled.

There is a bug on this issue if you want to have a look or comment with additional information:

  • Carey

Thank you, I reported it as bug too, i marked it as duplicated, thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: I checked again the bug 97600, and I noticed is not exactly the same bug!:

I just bought the new komodo ide version 9, I am surprised, this bug still existing in this version!

Unfortunately we don’t track issues in No one else has reported having the issue. If you’re still experiencing it can you please file a new report on github please,

  • Carey