Vertical file tabs, Pinned Tabs, rearrange tabs by hotkeys

When working with lot of open files, horizontal tabs layout is very unusable:

  • Only ≈ ten tabs are visible on 24" display
  • Not all open files are equal — there are some “main” files, that developer needs to switch freaquently and a lot of open files during seach/debugging etc.
    ** It takes a lot of time to find “main” files between a lot of open “not so important” files (but I still do not want to close it, because also need it, they hold my attention context)

How this situation can be improved.

=== Hotkeys for rearranging tabs ===

  • then “main” files can be fastely moved to left, when new files (probably “not main” openeded at right side of tabbar)
  • I did not find such hotkeys (For example, Firefox hotkeys → CTLR-SHIFT-PgUp/PgDown), if them exists — please, tell me about it.
  • reagganging by mouse drag-and-drop is not a option because it is painfully long (take a tab, move to left, wait before tab starts slow-slow-slow horizontal scrolling… this makes me mad)

=== Pinned Tabs ===

  • Add Context Menu “Pin the tab” which makes tab “pinned” to left (“most conservative”) part of tab bar.
  • This solution implemented by extension to Firefox, and saves a lot of my life in everydays browsing, because solves same problem — separates “frequently used” pages from a hungreds of other tabs

=== Vertical Tab Placement ===
(Also implemented in

  • Modern displays (for desktops/laptops) now wide, so it is very usable to use vertical tab placement
  • on vertical tabbar possible to display about 3-4 times more tabs, then on horizontal tabbar

=== Resume ===
Easy solution: Add hotkeys for tabs rearrangement.
Good solution: Pinned tabs + hotkeys
Ideal solution (I will be yours forever): Hotkeys+Pinned Tabs+Vertical Tabs Placement

Hi there, please check out this screencast:

Then let me know if that fully addresses your needs or if there is anything else. :smile:

Yes, I forgot to mention that I have tried this widget (but I did not know about custom pattern rearrangment by hacking).

The widget have sense in small well-structured projects (separate CSS from application code, MVC with small sets of controllers and views, etc).
But unfortunately, it cannot provide custom ad-hoc rearrangement. When most of project files are same type, and the only way now to make “favorites” is rename files according some pattern (awfull) or hardcode their name to this JS hack, and each time edit it to add a favorite (also very unuseful, but I will try this way now, I just have read but do not understand where to place this JS-hack file, or how to connect it with Komodo, or Komodo project)

May be extend this widget by just adding context menu to tab “Add to Favorites”, and separate “Favorites” section on top of all sections?

you can add this userscript Multi Row Editor Tabs form @toddw this will give you multiple rows of tabs, so you will have all tabs visible and you can rearange them by dragging the tabs in the order that you want

Consider filing an enhancement request for your “Favorites” idea.