[Version Control] Add multiple commits without closing "Committing Changes" dialog

I am trying KomodoIDE first time so I may missed this functionality somewhere.

The IDE provides an interface for committing changes into repository. The dialog shown on screenshot below allows to select files and input a meaningful commit message. The issue is that when I do a commit the dialog exits even when there are still uncommitted changes. I expected this dialog to remain opened or re-open if there are uncommitted changes because I usually add more than one feature. And even if I add one feature sometimes I need to provide more than one commit with meaningful description for someone else.

Add a checkbox which would allow the “Committing Changes” dialog to reopen if there are other files in the “Modified” list.

Thank you.

Hi @8bit,

Are you aware that the commit dialog is also docked in the bottom pane? That would serve the use case you’re describing.

View > Tabs & Sidebars > Version Control or ctrl + shift + b and select the Version Control tab in the bottom pane.

  • Carey

Hi Carey,

I am aware and I use it.
I am not a UX expert and cannot give a point on why distinct dialog is better. But for me it is somehow more convenient than docked version control. Maybe because the diff is easier to read, or maybe some other thing.


No explanation needed, just making sure you were aware that existed. I personally don’t like dialogs in general and avoid them when I can but that’s not really important here.