Using Komodo on Mac Stations


we have just tried to set up Komodo on Mac stations, but the program dies straightaway after being started. It has been installed by a root user and has been tested by a non-root user. I assume there might be a problem with permissions because the root user can run it without problems. Which files are the cause of the problem and is there a way to fix this? We run MacOS 10.8.3.

If you’ve run Komodo using sudo, then it’s quite possible that the Komodo profile information is now owned by root, thus when run as a regular user, it will fail to open the profile and die a sad death.

The Komodo profile location is described here:

If this is indeed the problem, then you’ll need to use sudo to remove the profile folder or change ownership (chown) the profile folder before you can start it from a regular user account.


Or copy profile folder from root to regular user. Or not?