Using Komodo offline

I work in an area that has an air-gapped network. Unfortunately Komodo appears to need to contact the mother ship in order to start. Is there any way to use Komodo offline?

Could you clarify exactly what the issue you’re hitting is? Komodo shouldn’t need to be online. If it’s the authentication screen, just make sure to authenticate once before you go offline. Subsequent start ups don’t require internet connection.

(I responded right away to the email I received with your question, but I now see that it didn’t get posted here. Below is my response…)

Thanks for responding so quickly Carey. That’s good to know.

The problem I have is that the network I work on is never connected to the internet, so I can’t connect even once.

Some of the other software I use - UltraEdit, UltraCompare, Adobe Acrobat, etc. - supports offline installs. I’m hoping there is a way to fool Komodo the one time it needs to connect.

Make sense?

@ddwashbu, Currently you need to connect at least once. How do the other programs authenticate you if you’re not able to connect to the internet? A license installer or something?

  • Carey

They collect enough information to validate that I have a legit copy.

I can share files between a computer that IS connected to the internet and the isolated PC by copying them to a CD. Is there a a file or registry entry I can grab from the connected machine and transfer to the isolated PC?

@ddwashbu, can you email and let’s see if we can get something similar figured out for you.

Please include this thread in the email and request myself.

  • Carey