Using "Add On" in Komodo Edit does not work

Komodo Edit 11.1:

My aim is to install add ons for Komodo Edit.

I click:
Menu / AddOns / Packages

In the following list, “AddOns” is highlighted (blue background). I hit the “cursor right” key.

I get a new list with two entries, ‘Open’ and ‘Favorite’. ‘Open’ is highlighted.

I hit the right cursor key again for expanding the selection, but nothing happens. As far I remember, this has worked in the earlier versions of Komodo Edit, though I have no idea, what ‘open’ and ‘favorite’ could mean in this context.

How can I find, what addons/extensions are available, and install them?

@rovf, you should be able to simply press enter before you press “right”, on the AddOn. All AddOns listed in the list you’re using are the AddOns that are available.

  • Carey

Indeed this works. May I point out that this is everything else than intuitive? The reason is that the bottom line of the selection list explicitly states: “TIP: Hit the right arrow key to ‘expand’ your selection”, so we don’t expect that we have to hit the enter key to expand the selection. Also, the fact that the word “expand” is written between quotes in this “TIP”, which - according to usual English typing rules - indicates that the word ‘expand’ is here not meant in the usual English meaning, but has to be taken metaphorical. To be honest, I find the whole “TIP” a bit confusing.

@rovf, It’s a bug that “Open” doesn’t install the Addon. Whether it’s a UX bug or a coded bug (done on purpose vs. meant to work but is broken) I don’t know at this point. I don’t recall ever using the Open option in this context.

  • Carey