Use ActiveState Perl 5.36 Perl::Critic and Criticism in Komodo Windows 11

Can someone post an example using Perl::Critic in Komodo Windows 11 with ActiveState Perl 5.36?

I cannot find the Perl Critic Options Preference settings described in the online help for Preferences
state install perl-critic
state install criticism
I attempted Tools/Run Command
perlcritic --severity 1

This results in
No Policies found in namespace “Perl::Critic::Policy”

Komodo Perl Preferences does not indicate Perl Critic options

Output of commands state packages showing Perl::Critic and criticism and Perl 5.36 as the version.

[wilb/CirculationAPI] C:\Users\wblake\Workspace\CirculationAPI>state packages
█ Listing Packages

Name Version
DBD-Oracle Auto
Data-Dumper Auto
Getopt-Std-Util Auto
LWP-UserAgent-Cached Auto
PadWalker Auto
Parallel-ForkManager Auto
Parallel-PreForkManager Auto
Perl-Critic Auto
Switch 2.17
Time-HiRes Auto
XML-Compile Auto
criticism Auto
diagnostics Auto
say Auto
XML-Compile-Cache Auto
XML-Compile-SOAP Auto
XML-Compile-SOAP12 Auto
XML-Compile-WSDL11 Auto

[wilb/CirculationAPI] C:\Users\wblake\Workspace\CirculationAPI>perl -v

This is perl 5, version 36, subversion 0 (v5.36.0) built for MSWin32-x64-multi-thread

Copyright 1987-2022, Larry Wall

Full Text of Output:

Exception::Fatal::Generic: A general problem was found.

No Policies found in namespace “Perl::Critic::Policy”.

Tue Jun 28 20:53:48 2022

Trace begun at C:\Users\wblake\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\3292c7d9\site\lib\Perl\Critic\ line 68
Perl::Critic::PolicyFactory::import(‘Perl::Critic::PolicyFactory’) called at C:\Users\wblake\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\3292c7d9\site\lib\Perl\Critic\ line 17
Perl::Critic::Config::BEGIN at C:\Users\wblake\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\3292c7d9\site\lib\Perl\Critic\ line 17
eval {…} at C:\Users\wblake\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\3292c7d9\site\lib\Perl\Critic\ line 17
require Perl/Critic/ at C:\Users\wblake\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\3292c7d9\site\lib\Perl\ line 17
Perl::Critic::BEGIN at C:\Users\wblake\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\3292c7d9\site\lib\Perl\ line 17
eval {…} at C:\Users\wblake\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\3292c7d9\site\lib\Perl\ line 17
require Perl/ at C:\Users\wblake\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\3292c7d9\site\lib\Perl\Critic\ line 230
Perl::Critic::Command::_critique(‘HASH(0x3f6d388)’, ‘’) called at C:\Users\wblake\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\3292c7d9\site\lib\Perl\Critic\ line 64
Perl::Critic::Command::run at C:\users\wblake\appdata\local\activestate\cache\3292c7d9\site\bin\perlcritic.bat line 34
BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at C:/Users/wblake/AppData/Local/ActiveState/cache/3292c7d9/site/lib/Perl/Critic/ line 17.
Compilation failed in require at C:/Users/wblake/AppData/Local/ActiveState/cache/3292c7d9/site/lib/Perl/ line 17.
BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at C:/Users/wblake/AppData/Local/ActiveState/cache/3292c7d9/site/lib/Perl/ line 17.
Compilation failed in require at C:/Users/wblake/AppData/Local/ActiveState/cache/3292c7d9/site/lib/Perl/Critic/ line 230.

Perl Critic is a syntax checker right? Look under the Syntax Checking preferences. There should be a language dropdown there.

If that doesn’t have the thing you need, I’d guess that Perl Critic has some method of supplying your config by using a file. I’d investigate that option. It’s usually accomplished by adding a specific file to your project root so the library/tool can find it.