URL for repository via ssh

Trying to get git integration working, … but cannot figure out the proper URL for a repository via ssh.

For example, what URL is Komodo expecting for:


Where: repo = hostname for access via ssh
/u/repo = path to the repository on that host

@lvlammert you should be able to copy the URL from GitHub, same as if you were going to clone the repo yourself through SSH. I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t have that first /.

So something like this: git@github.com:account_name/repo_name.git

The is no URL, … the repo is here, … access is via ssh.

This is the repo reference in a git config:



I’m not sure what you’re trying to do @lvlammert. That’s not a proper ssh git url as far as I know. Can you provide more details about what you’re doing? It sounds like you’re not using GitHub then?

Can you elaborate on how you know it’s not working with what you’ve configured? Are you getting an error? Or you’re trying to do something but it’s not working how you expect?

More details. I’m really not sure what you’re doing at this point.

It’s not a URL because the repo is internal, on our network, accessed via ssh.
A git repo on my machine connects to the master thus::


^^^^^ local hostname (.ssh/config)
^^^^^^^ path to the master git repo

KomodoIDE chokes on that notation, however, … so how does one configure Komodo to use a local repo?


@lvlammert that’s some helpful details but please elaborate here:

Chokes how? Are you getting an error? What’s happening? Might be helpful to see your logs too to see if there’s anything in there: Help menu > Troubleshooting > View Log File

Also, I might be missing some domain knowledge so forgive me if the answer to this question is obvious but what does your ssh config have to do with where Git looks for your repo? I thought your SSH config, in this context, was just to make sure a specific ssh key (or any other server specific settings you might have) are used by SSH when connecting to that domain.

To perhaps help clarify to you what Komodo is doing: It’s using the Git binary on your computer to run git commands and process the output. So, if Git runs in your terminal with your repo, Komodo should work too.

OK, … it appears KIDE will work with a git repo in the project directory, … thanks!!

Don’t see any branch commands, however, … where would they be?

Hey @lvlammert,

You can switch branches in the file status bar when you have a file open from your repo:

There are also some commands in the Left Dynamic Toolbar:
Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 2.33.58 PM

Then there’s the Version Control tab in the bottom pane of Komodo where you can use the UI to create and complete commits:

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