Upgrade is missing

Hi guys, I hope you are doin well.
I have a Komodo IDE 9 license, I wanna upgrade to the newest version. Based on the forums, it should be an Upgrade link on my profile, but there isn’t any option to do that. The new price of the v11 is very high, so much higher than the upgrade should be.
I’ve written a message to the Sales couple of days ago, but nobody has answered to me.

Please help me to upgrade to v11.

hi @csimpi(Peter),

We won’t be able to help you here. This forum is for technical issues. You’ll need to contact sales about pricing options for your case.

Here is the page to contact sales though: https://www.activestate.com/company/developer-sales-support-contact

  • Carey

Aww really? I won’t pay the 3x price for the same product. :frowning: I loved Komodo IDE guys, but in the past months/year, you disappointed me several times. I think ActiveState is going on the wrong way. As I can see I have to look for an another IDE after lots of years of Komodo using. :frowning:

I couldn’t upgrade to Komodo X because ActiveState couldn’t let me pay with PayPal and I hadn’t any bank account in those times. Now I have credit card, I would pay, but I have to pay the 3x price… This behavior is very rude with the loyal customers…

I used that contact form, and an another also, nobody has answered me :frowning:


@csimpi, I’m sorry for your struggle. Sales is extremely busy and will get back to you as soon as they can. Plead your case and see what they can do.

Can you clarify how we’ve disappointed you? That’s not a good thing and we certainly don’t want to be doing that. Is it because we don’t support PayPal or are there other issues you are having with Komodo?

  • Carey

Thank you for your answer and question.

Mostly my disappointment happened by the credit-card struggle. I tried to find a solution without any good result. I used the trial version of X, I liked it (after some minor troubles that have been solved by this forum ), then I had to switch back to 9 because my trial had over, and I couldn’t find the solution to pay for the upgrade.
Now I’m home, I have a credit card to pay, I came here for the upgrade then I couldn’t.
The long story short: I wanna to pay for the upgrade for a year, but I can’t.

There are no issues with the software this is the worst thing in the whole story… I would like it, but I can’t get it.

+I’m disappointed about the new prices of the software. I liked you guys because you were a small firm with a not too famous software, we trusted in your knowledge and supported your works and growing. Now you are a big firm, and you don’t care about your loyal clients anymore… there are enough customers without us…
That’s what I feel.


Note we still have individual pricing, from your response it sounds like you are looking at the pricing targeted at companies.

Regardless you really should be talking to sales and not the developers. The people you are talking to here are the people who develop Komodo, write its code. We do not take care of selling it, we have colleagues that do (hey Mateo!) but they do not frequent the forums that are meant for tech support.

Please get in contact with sales, I’m sure they’ll be able to facilitate you. Follow the link Carey gave in his first post.

I’m closing this thread as you need to talk to sales, not us.