Unable to Refresh Remote Folders in Places

There is no way to refresh a view in the remote folder section of Places. Screenshot here: http://i.prntscr.com/fef2c194b86f44e8a7d560764323529a.png

Screenshot doesn’t work

It loads for me. Try refreshing it.

Upload your screenshot on imgur, please. I get access denied error with your link.



That’s very odd, where is the folder located that you have open?

It is the remote folder that I added in the project. It is accessed via FTP.

I can’t quite figure out HOW to reproduce this but I have. I’m ssh’d into a server and creating files in different folders. I’ve found one that does not reflect any changes I’ve made even after right click > Refresh View.

This folder has a git repo in it but creating a test folder with a git repo doesn’t reproduce the issue. Going to dig a bit more. At least I have reproduction steps to work with now.

EDIT: OH! I think it IS the git repo! @mjbrancato a workaround that I’ve found is moving UP a directory in Places so the problem directories parents is the Places Root. Refresh works in any context for me then, right click folder, right click places root.

  • Carey

BAH, sorry, I spoke too soon. Don’t assume it’s Git as I can no longer reproduce the issue after doing the work around I mentioned above. Going to keep looking while testing other stuff around remote files.

Sorry for the false alarm.

  • Carey


The folders I test it with don’t have GIT and they are remote folders not local folders.

For example, create a project and add a remote folder as the root. Upload a file using a different program or way to the root. Then right click refresh view. The view does not get refreshed. If you refresh sub folders, they do work. Just not the root remote folder. For this, I have to reopen the application.


Yep, that’s exactly what I did @mjbrancato. I didn’t say anything about local folder I don’t believe. It is not reproducible for me without Git in the directory though. That doesn’t mean Git is related though as you reproduce it without Git in the directory. We still need to narrow down exact reproduction steps as with your steps or mine it is not 100% reproducible. Makes it hard to fix if you can’t reproduce the issue.

Note my workaround comment for this so you don’t have to restart Komodo.

  • Carey

I understand what you mean when you can’t reproduce. When I find sometime I will get a video recording and see if that helps.

I can’t move up a directory in Places since it is the ROOT directory. Hence the issue with refresh view in the root directory.