Ubuntu color scheme

I use Komodo IDE 10 with Ubuntu and I’d like to get a color scheme consistent with the Ambiance theme (the default Ubuntu theme).
Of course I already tried http://komodoide.com/packages/schemes/ with no luck.
I also tried to build something myself, but I’m a php dev, I’m not really into graphic design.
I was wondering if someone tried something with success and/or if we can build something together, maybe with the help of Komodo dev themselves?
IMHO reaching more consistence with the various operating systems is a nice to have feature for every IDE (and, of course, Ubuntu is an important one)


Don’t think so. It would take a lot of time to achieve Ubuntu-like styling even with custom CSS feature. I’m using Ubuntu, but I don’t like the default theme of it. However, if you’re really missing this look, I could try to create such when I’ll have some free time.

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I know, when you enter visual preferences, it’s a big matter of taste.
Anyway, I think that offering a look&feel that is more integrated, even if not perfectly matching, could be a plus for newcomers.
I’ll appreciate any effort to achieve it

FYI I’m working on it.

I’ll use Solarized for Editor, but you can pick anything you want.

That’s awesome! Can’t wait!

You can grab it here, under Releases or just download Ubuntu.ksf.

The actual screenshot is in the repo. Don’t forget to change fonts and stuff.