Two Days trying to get XDebug Working with Komodo 12!

If anyone can help it would be most appreciated. I have read through dozens of articles on this but still cannot get it working. I will provide as many screenshots as possible.

  1. Firstly I have installed xdebug…

  1. Secondly I have configured xdebug to use port 9003

  1. I start PHP and everything works.

  2. I open Komodo Preferences and point app to PHP interpreter and php.ini. Everything seems fine.

  1. I test to make sure Debugger is listening on correct port… All good.

So at this stage I assume I am ready for debugging locally and remotely? I open my index.php file and click the play button inside the Komodo UI…


So I think, OK, maybe I will try remote? I open my test site running on localhost using ?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1 and I get nothing?

This is soo frustrating? Have I missed something? Why is this so hard?

Hi @geegriff,

You’ll need to follow the instructions here to get PHP 7.3 support (or anything later than 7.2):
Can’t get PHP debugging running - Failed to configure for local PHP debugging - Support - Komodo IDE & Edit | Forums

Apologies for the inconvenience and your time wasted.

  • Carey