Turn off Symbol Browser "Current File is too large" nag?

I am maintaining legacy Tcl code, and there really doesn’t appear to be a lot of code intelligence features that are available - no problem. But because the code is so old, every time I try to open the Symbol Browser it shows “The current file is too large to be processed efficiently” warning message, and then I click on the “Load Anyway” button and all is well.

Is this triggered by code longer than 10k lines? How do I turn this nag off and default to loading the symbol browser?

Morning @CrashAlpha,

You can set a preference in the JS Console of Komodo. Looks like we don’t expose it in the Prefs UI.

Do the following to open the JS Console and set the preference:

  1. View menu > Tabs & Sidebars > Console
  2. run the following require("ko/prefs").getLong("codeintel.symbolbrowser.max_filesize"), note that it’s 100000 bytes. I believe it’s bytes because the code is looking at the number of characters in the file it looks like.
  3. run require("ko/prefs").setLong("codeintel.symbolbrowser.max_filesize", [number: whatever size you deem workable])

Hopefully that works for you.

  • Carey

Works wonderfully, thanks. Note this limit seems to be smaller than Komodo 8 which I was stuck on due to what appears to be a bug in the Windows Tcl linter. I am using Komodo 12 but figured out I could copy over the legacy linter over from my Komodo 8 folder.