Trying Komodo

Hi there,

I would gladly buy Komodo IDE if it would meet my very simple requirements which are to make an html5 page with audio buttons for use locally (not for a website).
Your try offer seems to apply for old Apple systems and I use El Capitan.
My html pages would be made on this Mac with Komodo but then used by IE9+ users.
I would stick to mp3 files and nothing else.


I’m not sure why you think our trial is for old Apple systems, it is very designed for the latest and greatest. In fact it outright won’t work on older systems.

You have not mentioned anything that Komodo cannot help you do, but keep in mind this is an IDE, not a WYSIWYG editor. Komodo does not have any wizards that let you “add buttons” or “add sounds”. This is all part of HTML5 and users are expected to know enough about the language they are working with to put everything together, with the help of Komodo.

Put it another way, Komodo is the toolbox which you use to build your furniture. It is not the blueprint for your furniture, nor does it include the materials to build the furniture, just the toolbox.