Troubleshooting calltips/autocomplete

Is there a way to troubleshoot calltips/autocompletion? I’m using the current version of KomodoIDE (11.0.2) and with the projects I’m working on (medium to large PHP projects) the calltips/autocompetion popups make working rather frustrating, often not popping up anything of relevance, many times re-opening multiple times when dismissed by ESC.

Calltips are REALLY nice when they work, particularly for PHP since it has terrible function naming and argument order issues, but as of at least 11.0.2, they don’t seem to be very friendly for the work I do.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @jellisii, we’re aware of the buggy triggering of completions in 11, we will be addressing this in the upcoming 11.1 release. No further action required from our users, we’ve nailed down the cause of the issue.