Trouble enabling Rails CodeIntel

Hello, I’m trying to enable CodeIntel for Rails using the built-in Rails catalog, but not having any luck. (Komodo Edit 9.2.0, Linux)

Here is the process I’m following:

  1. Open preferences to the Code Intelligence page.
  2. Check the “Rails” entry in the catalog list.
  3. Restart Komodo, just in case.
  4. Create a new Ruby file.
  5. Type “Act”, with the hope that CodeIntel will prompt me to pick

I get a notification saying “No completions found.”

I get the same result with other names from the Rails catalog. I have not found a name that works.

Do my steps sound reasonable? Is this working for anyone else?

Tried various things but can’t get it to work either :\ Nothing in the error log.

Mind opening a bug? Sorry about that :\

Logged as KomodoEdit#537.

Enabling a catalog doesn’t seem like it should be a complicated deal, but I wasn’t sure if I was just missing a secret step.