Trial version issue


i installed few days ago Komodo IDE 8.5 for 21 days trial (only 19 days left). I reinstalled today OS Mavericks (because i had some issues and wanted a clean install) and installed my apps new. Komodo IDE fresh and i had 21 days left, which was ok. After reboot the trial license is expired?

Then i tried to buy the personal license but you offers only credit cards. I self use no credit card btw i pay often via PayPal, Wire transfer, Debit payment etc.

Greetings, Alexander

Please contact to extend your trial and see if they can offer you different payment options.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thank you i will make it because it is a little bit important btw i transferd all access data and can’t now work anymore. I think extend for 10 days is enough for payment.