Transfer the old keybindings (9.0) to 9.3

There were a lot of changes in the Default keybindings since Version 9.0.
I’m using a german keybord layout so the new Defaults are not so comfortable for me.
Is there a possibility to Transfer the “old” bindings to the new Version. Copiing the kkf dont work.
I also recognized that my own snippets are lost.

Any ideas to solve the Problem?

Your snippets should not be affected by an upgrade, if they were then it would indicate that something with your update went wrong. You can always find your snippets under your old profile folder in the tools directory.

As for keybindings, while we did make some changes I wouldn’t say we made a LOT. Again this would indicate that your update may have gone awry for whatever reason. Regardless you could import your old keybindings and prevent them from being modified by copying the kkf file from your old profile folder and editing it manually, you’ll want to change the version number on the first line of the file to whatever the number is in the latest profile (I believe that would be 49 in this case).

50 in 9.3.2 :smiley:

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Thanks a lot.

Changed the version in the keybindings to 48 and it works fantastic.

You saved my day. Tanks